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Hiking Guide: Ryten Lofoten + Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika beach and Ryten, Lofoten are two of the most popular places in the whole of Lofoten. Situated within Lofotodden National Park, this absolutely beautiful area is one of the best places for camping in Lofoten and also one of the easiest hikes in Lofoten.

While you’ll still have to earn your views here, there are no sections that are super steep with exposure unlike some of the other hikes in Lofoten such as Reinebringen and Fløya and Djevelporten.

Ryten is the mountain that sits to the hiker’s right of Kvalvika beach. It offers the best views of Kvalvika beach’s turquoise waters and golden sand.

When we hiked to Ryten in November, we didn’t go all the way down to Kvalvika beach and instead went up to Ryten and then across to Middagstinden peak for even more beautiful views.

If you’re visiting Lofoten and looking for a beautiful hike then check out this guide to the Ryten hike in Lofoten and Kvalvika Beach.

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How to get to the Ryten Lofoten and Kvalvika Beach trailhead

kvalvika beach lofoten islands
Kvalvika beach from Ryten, Lofoten

The trailhead for the Ryten and Kvalvika hike is located in Fredvang.

Since this hike and the beach get so busy during the summer, there are some rather strict parking rules.

You’ll find a big parking lot by searching “Ryten trailhead” in Google Maps. It’s right next to the Peat Museum. Parking here costs 100 NOK and they have washrooms and drinking water available.

You either pay directly to the person at the window as you drive in. Or, if there’s no one there you must put your parking fee in one of the provided envelopes and post it in the mailboxes in the parking lot. You need exact cash for this or you can pay by VIPPS.

If you’re only hiking to Kvalvika beach you can start from another location as shown here on AllTrails.

AllTrails is my go-to hiking app for finding, planning, and navigating while I’m out on the trails. With offline maps on AllTrails+ you can be confident you’re still on the right track, even without mobile signal.

What to know before doing the Ryten and Kvalvika beach, Norway

  • Always practice leave no trace ethics. Not sure what those are? Get a refresher here.
  • Remember to respect the terrain, environment, and other users while you are enjoying the trails.
  • Follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials.
  • Don’t leave home without your 10 essentials. They could save your life!
  • Do not walk off the trail – this damages the environment which is very fragile and leads to trail closures being put in place.
  • Read up on the Lofoten Code of Conduct to minimise your impact.
  • You cannot use a drone in Lofotodden National Park: this means no drones at Ryten and Kvalvika beach Lofoten.

Kvalvika beach hike

kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
some of the boardwalks you’ll need to walk
kvalvika beach ryten lofoten

Kvalvika beach is one of the best beaches in Lofoten, so it’s easy to see why it can get so busy.

Starting from the parking lot by the Peat Museum, you’ll head to the rear of the lot where the trail starts.

The hike starts by walking over a series of boardwalks.

Stick to the boardwalks both to protect the environment and keep your feet dry!

There are several passing points where you should wait if someone is coming the other way.

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In wet or icy weather, these can be super slippery and I’d recommend microspikes to make it easier to walk on the boardwalks.

After the first section, you’ll turn left and walk on the boardwalks which are angled slightly uphill before coming out to a gravel road.

At the road, head right and follow the rocky terrain uphill.

There are a few places here where you’ll have to use your hands to navigate up and over the rocks, but there’s no real exposure.

Follow the signs and traverse your way over more boardwalks as you continue your hike towards Kvalvika Beach.

You’ll pass a sign signposting you right and towards the Kvalvika hytta: a cabin.

kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
Sign to the hytta
kvalvika cabin ryten hike

You can take this side excursion now if you like.

It takes you uphill towards a beautiful red cabin that’s privately owned. You can’t go in but if you’re hiking Ryten and Kvalvika beach in late autumn/winter, chances are there’s no one there so you can have a little peak at the cabin up close.

Otherwise, look for a signpost to the left just past the lake.

Here there is a long series of boardwalks taking you all the way downhill towards Kvalvika beach.

When you arrive at the beach, enjoy the views, maybe take a dip in the water and, if you’re camping, set up camp.

If you only planned to hike to Kvalvika beach then head back the way you came. If you’re heading onwards, read on for the Ryten hike.

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Ryten hike

kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
Views from Ryten and Middtagstinden
kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
Looking on to Ryten
kvalvika beach ryten lofoten

From the lake where you turned down to Kvalvika, instead of turning left, go straight on and continue navigating the boardwalks.

Soon you’ll begin climbing again along a well-defined trail on the side of Ryten.

There are no more boardwalks here and the terrain is pretty easy to walk on with no massive boulders or scrambling.

Follow this trail as it winds around the edge of Ryten and gives you incredible views of Kvalvika beach below.

You’ll come up to the famous Kvalvika/Ryten rock which many people sit on to get an Instagram-worthy photo.

You can also continue uphill to the cairn and large rocks or to the true peak which is further to your right and stands at 543 m above sea level.

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middtagstinden ridge
Middtagstinden ridge off to the left
kvalvika beach ryten lofoten

From the peak of Ryten, we decided to carry on and hike to the peak of Middtagstinden.

Middtagstinden is slightly lower than Ryten and there’s an easy trail and ridgeline to follow to get there. If offers some different views over Fredvang and Yttersand.

You can see our route here.

Ryten and Kvalvika beach hiking stats

If you’re hiking to Kvalvika beach then this is what to expect:

  • Distance: 6.8 km round trip
  • Duration:
  • Elevation:
  • Difficulty: Easy (some harder sections near the start where you need to use your hands to get over and up some boulders)

For those just doing Ryten, this is the details of the hike to Ryten (without going down to the beach):

  • Distance: 6.6km (round trip)
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Elevation: 529m
  • Difficulty: Easy, just the longer distance makes this on the harder end of easy.

Going down to Kvalvika and then up to Ryten and back gives you:

  • Distance: 9km
  • Elevation: 853 m gained

What to pack for hiking Ryten and Kvalvika, Lofoten

kvalvika beach ryten lofoten

What to pack for this hike depends on what season you’re hiking in.

Kvalvika beach camping

kvalvika beach ryten lofoten
Views from Ryten and Middtagstinden

Kvalvika beach is an absolutely beautiful beach and offers hike-in camping within Lofoddon National Park.

It’s a beautiful place to camp but it can be super busy in the summer months. So, if you’re picturing being on the beach where it’s just your tent or maybe another couple, that’s not going to be the case. It’ll still be beautiful, but it’s not exactly isolated camping anymore.

You also need to park your car at the trailhead for this hike to camp in Lofoten.

The local community, Fredvang, has become pretty strict about where you can and can’t park and now there is a large car park space. They provide washrooms at the trailhead and drinking water from a tap.

You can also camp in a campervan at the parking lot.

The cost of camping here ranges from 150 – 250 NOK. You must pay in cash or by VIPPS to the person at the entrance or by leaving the money in an envelope provided.

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Can you hike Kvalvika beach in winter?

best camping in lofoten

Yes, you can hike to Kvalvika beach in winter. Hiking from the alternative trailhead given above is probably the easiest.

You’ll definitely want microspikes to avoid slipping on the boardwalks and terrain too.

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