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Eagle Bluffs and Black Mountain hike on Cypress Mountain

Eagle Bluffs and Black Mountain hike on Cypress Mountain

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Cypress Mountain Provincial Park offers some of the best hikes in Vancouver and the Eagle Bluffs hike and Black Mountain trail are an example of this. The Eagle Mountain hike offers a great view of downtown Vancouver, Eagle Harbour, Howe Sound and (on a clear day) Vancouver Island and Olympic National Park. There’s minimal effort involved (once you’re past the first steep part!) and you’ll pass a couple of the best lakes in Vancouver too. If you’re planning on hiking Eagleridge Bluffs in Cypress Mountain Provincial Park (one of the best Cypress hikes), be sure to check out this guide!

No day pass needed for Cypress in 2021.

Eagle Bluffs and Black Mountain hike

The Eagle Bluffs trail, or Eagle ridge hike, most commonly adds a slight detour to Black Mountain. There’s also an option of making it into a loop trail by taking a trail past Thetgil and Sam lakes. Whilst it can be hiked from two starting points, the most popular is from Cypress Mountain not only for ease but also for the scenery which includes Cabin Lake and Black Mountain. If you’re looking for Vancouver trails, Eagle Bluffs is a great day hike.

How to get to the Eagle Bluffs trail 

Eagle Bluffs, or Eagleridge Bluffs, can be hiked from two starting points. The most common, and easiest (both in terms of parking and hiking), is to go from the Cypress Mountain downhill skiing area. The second is to go from Horseshoe Bay via Whyte Lake.

Know before you go

Eagle Bluffs hike 

hiking eagle bluffs near vancouver

From the parking lot at Cypress downhill ski area, walk past the restaurants on your left and towards the large wooden board with a Cypress mountain trail map. This is pretty much a straight line from the car park. Head to the Eagle Express Quad Chair which goes up the mountain to your left. Once you’ve reached the chairlift, look for a trail that leads into the trees on the left-hand side. 

After a few minutes, take a left at the junction and then a quick right following a trail sign for Black Mountain. Here the trail climbs quickly and steeply with a series of switchbacks. This is the hardest part of the hike and after you’ve climbed this there isn’t much more climbing to do. 

You’ll come close to the edge of a ski run and pass a small lake on your left. At this junction, take a right and follow the trail markers towards Cabin Lake. Just before you reach Cabin lake there’s a short 250-metre path that takes you up to the Yew Lake viewpoint. From here you’ll get great views of the surrounding peaks such as Brunswick Mountain and the Lions. 

cabin lake cypress mountain eagle bluffs trail vancouver eagle bluffs trail eagle bluffs trail

From the main Eagle Bluff trail at Cabin Lake, continue to the end of the boardwalk and hike the trail for a further 10 minutes to reach Black Mountain. The view is worth the slight detour. You can end your trip here since you’ve completed the Black Mountain hike, Vancouver. But I’d recommend continuing. 

Follow the trail as is descends into the forest and you meet a junction. Take a right here to go to Eagle Bluffs and pass by several small lakes. After around 20 minutes or so, you’ll descend more steeply through a rocky, forested section. Just as you think you’ve gone the wrong way, a clearing emerges and you get a great view!

You have the choice to return the same way, or take a slightly different loop to make it an Eagle Bluffs/Black Mountain loop hike. If you want a different route follow the same trail but take the trail on the right when you arrive at the junction with a sign to the Cypress downhill area. You’ll pass in between the small Theagill Lake and Sam Lake and see the top of the chairlift. From the chairlift veer right and walk down the ski slop to return to the parking area. 

Eagle Bluffs hike statistics

Know the essential hike details of the Black Mountain / Eagle Bluffs hike, BC

Eagle Bluffs Hike Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (some steep sections)
2.5-4 hours
Time from Eagle Bluffs – Vancouver: 30 minutes

What to pack for the Eagle Bluffs hikeeagle bluffs hike 2 1 of 1 scaled

Make sure you look at these packing lists for the Eagles bluff hike.

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