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High Knoll Viewpoint in Minnekhada Regional Park

High Knoll Viewpoint in Minnekhada Regional Park

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When we go hiking we tend to head over to the north shore or out towards Squamish and Whistler. However, there’s also tonnes of hiking to be done in easy reach out towards Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. One of these places is Minnekhada Regional Park. It’s not somewhere I’ve seen talked about often but it’s well worth visiting!

About Minnekhada Regional Park

hiking minnekhada regional park

Minnekhada Regional Park is near the Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Area in Coquitlam. There are woodland trails up to the High Knoll Viewpoints, views of Pitt River, marshland and easy trails to hike.

Within the park there’s a lodge where private parties/weddings are often held, and a farm which isn’t open to the public.

If you’re visiting Minnekhada Regional Park then definitely make time to hike up to High Knoll!

Hiking up to High Knoll in Minnekhada Regional Park

hiking minnekhada regional park

The High Knoll trail takes you through the woods, past the marshes and up to a great view point. From the viewpoint you’ll see Pitt River, Mt Baker and the Golden Ears Mountains. It’s a relatively short and easy hike and the views are worth it. Pack a picnic and refuel as you gaze out at these mountains!

High Knoll hike details

hiking minnekhada regional park

Next to the parking lot at Quarry Road there’s a park board and usually some park maps which you can pick up. This’ll make sticking to the trails even easier!

Walk along the path and take the first and second lefts to head along the Log Walk Trail.

After about .5km through some marsh-y woods you’ll come to another junction. Here, take the right turn and join the Mid-Marsh Trail. At this point you’ll cross a bridge between the Upper Marsh and the Lower Marsh.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge the trail starts to climb up through a Cedar forest. There’s a few rocks too and plenty of tree roots so watch your footing!

hiking minnekhada regional park

This trail continues and there’ll be a viewpoint for the Low Knoll on your right. Here you’ll get views of the marsh below. It’s worth stopping here, but the best view is high knoll which is another 1km uphill on several switchbacks.

On leaving the viewpoint turn left at the sign and go down a short hill. At the fork go right and continue your walk as you make your way towards the High Knoll. 15 minutes later, you come to a sign showing that High Knoll is off to the right. The High Knoll is only a short distance from here, however, the trail is steeper than previous sections.

Follow the trail as it makes its way uphill before eventually flattening out and ending at an amazing viewpoint. To the south is the Lower Marsh and the Pitt River. Plus, on clear days you can see Mount Baker in Washington!

Head back down the way you came or increase your hike by taking the Quarry Trail (1.8km) or the Fern Trail (0.8km) back to the parking lot.

lowe alpine

Trail Stats to High Knoll

Distance: about 5km round trip
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 180m
Time: 2-3 hours
Time from Vancouver: 45mins – 1hour

What to pack for Minnekhada

  • Great hiking shoes
  • A picnic lunch
  • Camera
  • Layers (& waterproof coat just in case if hiking Spring/Autumn)

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