When you get off the ferry at Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast one of the closest hikes is Soames Hill. This 2.6km loop, located in Shirley Macey Park, gives you great views across to the mainland and of Keats Island. It’s pretty easy to begin with but finishes with a lot of stairs.

The hike up to the top of Soames Hill is pretty similar to hiking Pender Hill in terms of difficulty. But, since they’re at opposite ends of the Lower Sunshine Coast the views are a bit different!

Hiking Soames Hill

hiking soames hill sunshine coast bc

There are several different spots for accessing the trail for Soames Hill.

Start at Bridgeman Road and walk past the yellow gate. Follow the yellow trail into the forest. The forest is full of moss and ferns as is typical of the beautiful west coast.

hiking soames hill sunshine coast bc

Watch for a sign at a junction and head left onto the green trail. The green trail then heads up some stairs and then turns into switchbacks as you climb up the hillside.

The trail begins to level out and you get to a junction. Turn right and follow the trail for a short while over to a viewpoint. This view looks out towards Keats Island. It’s a good place to take in the views, but the best are still to come!

Continue back to where you left the main trail and this time continue going up the steep trail. You’ll soon come to a final viewpoint that looks out towards Keats Island and the town of Gibsonshiking soames hill sunshine coast bc.

Follow the trail back downhill the way you came, being careful as you step on the slippery rock.

Soames Hill hiking stats

Difficulty: Easy (with some steep sections)
1 hour

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