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Hiking up Pender Hill

Hiking up Pender Hill

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If you’re travelling up the Sunshine Coast make sure you leave time for a couple of hikes. Pender Hill will only take about an hour in total and the views of Hotel Lake and beyond are well worth it.

Hiking to Pender Hill

pender hill sunshine coast bc

From the parking area you’ll see a small trail and a sign which points you off up into the forest. The trail quickly begins to climb and becomes steeper and steeper. There are no trail markers but the trail is well trodden so it’s not hard to stick to.

You’ll then come across a split in the path. It doesn’t matter which route you take since they met up again very quickly. Follow the path continue hiking uphill. In a few minutes you’ll come out of the forest and find a large rock in front of you. This is the top of Pender Hill!

Up here there’s a bench to rest and take in the views.

However, walk past the peak and go downhill towards the left where you’ll get an incredible view of Hotel Lake. If you head towards the right then you’ll get views of the Georgia Strait.

Follow the path the way you came to make your way back downhill.

Pender Hill hike stats

Difficulty: Easy
Time: about 1 hour

How to get to the Pender Hill trailhead

pender hill sunshine coast bc

If you’re travelling down highway 101 then turn onto Garden Bay Road. Keep an eye out for the road to Irvings Landing and follow the road as you pass both Mixal and Hotel lakes.

Turn right onto Lee Road and continue uphill to the right. Here there’s a small cul-de-sac on the right with space to park.

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