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Horseshoe Bay Sunset Platform

Horseshoe Bay Sunset Platform

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Seen photos of a beautiful sunset platform in a place that looks like Horseshoe Bay? The Horseshoe Bay lookout platform is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset in Vancouver and offers some of the best Vancouver views I’ve seen. It’s one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets and half the fun is finding it for yourself. 

It took us a while to find the sunset platform in West Vancouver. The first time we tried we ended up walking down a steep hill through the trees, crossing a railway track and then going downhill even further where we came across lots of abandoned items like shopping carts and tents. You do not need to go to that much effort to find this spot.

secret vancouver sunset spot pin


horseshoe bay sunset platform (1 of 1)horseshoe bay sunset platform (3 of 3) horseshoe bay sunset platform (3 of 3) horseshoe bay sunset platform (3 of 3)

The Vancouver sunset platform is much, much easier to get to and, once there, you can enjoy the sunsetting (ideally with snacks) as you relax on the Horseshoe Bay platform. 

Wath the ferries leave from the Bay as they travel to Vancouver Island, Bowen and the Sunshine Coast.

While I’m not going to give you the exact location, here are a few clues to find the Horseshoe Bay secret platform for yourself:

  1. Travel an older road
  2. You need to climb but not too far

Location: Near Horseshoe Bay

Let me know if you end up finding this Horseshoe Bay lookout!