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Whistlers Summit Hike, Jasper National Park

Whistlers Summit Hike, Jasper National Park

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The Whistlers summit hike in Jasper National Park, AB is one of the best hikes in Jasper National Park. You can make the Whistlers mountain trail as easy or as difficult as you like by deciding whether or not to take the Jasper tramway most of the way up. The views on a clear day stretch far away and the usually snowy mountain peaks are sure to take your breath away. If you’re planning a trip to Jasper then make sure you add the Whistlers summit via Jasper tramway to your list of things to do in Jasper National Park!

Whistlers Summit hike

whistlers summit jasper

This trail guide to the Whistlers mountain, Jasper hike suggests taking the Jasper tram up and down the mountain. In doing this you’ll have plenty of energy to make your way over to the true summit and can enjoy the view as you head up in the tram. Additionally, taking the tram ride means this hike is accessible for kids too!

Once at the summit you can enjoy a panoramic view of 6 mountain ranges! And, in case you’re wondering, the mountain gets its name due to the sound the hoary marmots who live on the mountain make. Keep your ears and eyes open to hear and see them! 

How to get to Whistlers summit

Whistlers can be seen from Jasper village. To do this hike by taking the tram you simply head to the Jasper gondola station. To do this, drive south on the Icefields Parkway for 1.8km then turn right onto Whistlers Road for just over 3km. Follow the signs until you reach the Jasper sky tram.

If you want to hike to Whistlers summit, then turn left just after the Whistlers Hostel sign and carry on driving to the parking lot and Whistlers trailhead. 

Know before you go

Jasper tramway tips

  • Even on the sunniest days, it can be a lot colder at the top of the tramway than you’d think. Make sure you’ve packed extra layers, especially if you’re hiking to the summit. 
  • Book your tramway ticket in advance to avoid disappointment. 
  • If you’re hiking outside of summer months (late July-early September), be prepared for some snow and/or ice.
  • The tram runs from April to October (weather permitting).

The Whistlers mountain hike

Starting from the lower tram station, ride your way up the tram (bonus tip: get a seat by the window to enjoy all the views!). The tramway takes you up nearly 2,300m in elevation in just a couple of minutes and it’s the longest guided aerial tramway in Canada! 

During the ride, a guide will give you a talk about the surrounding area and natural sights including the Athabasca river, glacial lakes, Jasper village and numerous mountain ranges. If it’s a clear day you may even be able to spot Mount Robson; the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies! 

Once you reach the top, there’s a boardwalk which allows you to wander around and take in different points of view. 

Now, it’s time for what you came for: tackling the Whistlers summit trail! 

The hike to the summit of Whistlers mountain takes about 30 minutes extra but it is a bit steep with uneven terrain in some sections. Once you reach the top there’s an even more impressive panorama than the one you enjoyed at the top of the Jasper tram! If you sit here for a while, you’re likely to see some marmots pop their heads out of their rocky burrows and maybe even give their signature whistle! 

marmot on whistlers summit jasper

Whistlers summit hike statistics

Know the essential hike details for hiking the Whistlers mountain trail in Jasper National Park.

Difficulty: Easy 
Distance: 3.7 km 
237 m
1 -1.5 hours

What to pack for this Jasper hike

Make sure you look at these packing lists before taking on the Whistlers Mountain hike.