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Ultimate guide to the Ornfløya Hike Sommarøy Norway

The Ornfloya hike in Sommarøy, Norway is the reason many come to Sommarøy. Besides the white-sand beaches, the potential to see the Northern Lights, and other things to do on Sommarøy island, the Ornfloya hike is one of the top attractions on Sommarøy.

Most people visit Sommaroy Island as part of a day trip from Tromsø and this is on their list of things to do! It’s no wonder why when you consider the effort-payoff ratio of this hike.

For a short hike, with minimal elevation, Ornafløya certainly packs in some amazing views. Even though it was cloudy and a little rainy when we did this Sommarøy hike, we still got some great views!

If you’re looking for a hike on Sommarøy, definitely read this hiking guide to find out more.

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sommaroy norway things to do

Ornfloya Hike Guide

Right from the start, you’ll begin a gradual climb over rocky and often muddy terrain. Try and stick to walking in the mud as much as possible as going off the trail will only turn that area into mud too!

The climb isn’t steep, it’s more of a gentle plod and before you know it you’ll start seeing some of those beautiful views you came for.

There’s a small climb down before climbing back up again to the top (marked by a rock stack/cairn).

At the top of Ornfløya, there’s also a guest book that you can sign! We added our names to it, see if you can find us 🙂

ornfloya hike sommaroy
ornfloya hike sommaroy
ornfloya hike sommaroy
ornfloya hike sommaroy

Despite the rain, we still have some great views out over Sommarøy and the bridges connecting all the islands together.

You can also see over to Senja and get a cool view of the numerous wind turbines on the mountain behind you.

ornfloya hike sommaroy
ornfloya hike sommaroy

Once you’ve enjoyed the views at the top, head back down the way you came and head off into Sommarøy to explore the beaches, or back to your accommodation for the evening.

If you’re staying in Sommarøy this is likely the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel which has some rooms with great ocean views, a free sauna, and a delicious breakfast buffet!

Ornfløya hike stats

  • Distance: 2.5 km return
  • Duration: 0.5-1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Elevation: 130m
  • Ornfløya trail map

How to get to the Ornfløya trailhead

ornfloya hike sommaroy
can you spot me?

The Ornfloya trailhead isn’t particularly well marked. You’re looking for a small pull-out area on the left-hand side if you’re coming from Sommarøy, and on your right if you’re coming from Tromsø.

You can use the Ornfløya trail map to navigate to the trailhead. Or, type ‘Ornfloya trail parking’ into Google Maps.

There’s not much room for parking here so you may need to find somewhere else or come back later if the parking is full.

Fortunately, since this is such a short hike, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a space.

What to know before doing this Sommarøy hike

There are some important things you should know before going on a hike in Tromsø.

  • Always practice leave no trace ethics. Not sure what those are? Get a refresher here.
  • Remember to respect the terrain, environment, and other users while you are enjoying the trails.
  • Follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials.
  • Don’t leave home without your 10 essentials. They could save your life!

Right to roam in Norway: Norway has the right to roam which means you can trek and camp in open country (anything not fenced or marked as private). This means you can hike and tent anywhere you like as long as you camp at least 150m away from the closest inhabited house or cabin and stay for no longer than two days. If you see a sign saying private or no camping then you cannot stay there.

What to pack for this Sommaroy hike

What to pack for this hike depends on what season you’re hiking in.

Since there’s no food or drink available right by the hike or the trailhead, I recommend fish and chips at Anne-Grete Jensen Havfrua Kro just a short drive away.

FAQs about this hike in Sommaroy Norway

How to get to Sommaroy Island Norway?

Fly to Tromsø, Norway. From Tromsø, drive approximately 36 kilometers west on Route 862 to reach Sommarøy. Alternatively, take local buses from Tromsø to the island. Check local schedules for timings.

Final thoughts about the Ørnfløya Sommaroy hiking trail

The Ørnfløya hike in Sommarøy Norway is one of the best hikes in the area. It’s relatively easy, doesn’t take long, and gives you some incredible views; even if it’s raining as we found out!

If you’re looking for other hikes near Tromsø, be sure to check out these Tromsø hiking guides for the Smørstabben hike (where we got married!), the Sherpatrappa Tromsø (hike to the top of Tromsø cable car) and the Brosmetinden hike.

Alternatively, check out all my Scandinavian travel guides which also include the best hikes in Senja, and the best hikes in the Lofoten Islands too if you’ve enjoyed this Norway Sommaroy hiking guide.

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