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The best waterfalls near Kamloops

The best waterfalls near Kamloops

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We’ve moved from Vancouver to Sun Peaks near Kamloops for the winter season and have been trying to get out and explore when we’re not skiing. On our adventures, we’ve found some of the best waterfalls near Kamloops, BC.

We managed to do some exploring before the snow fell and some more since. It’s fair to say there are tonnes of exploring to do around Kamloops and it’s definitely much quieter than the areas around Vancouver (although I do miss the coast!).

Here are some of the best waterfalls near Kamloops and where to find them.

Best Waterfalls near Kamloops

These waterfalls near Kamloops, BC are perfect whatever the weather! Most of them involve short hikes so they’re easy to get to too.

Whitecroft Falls, near Sun Peaks

whitecroft waterfall near kamloops sun peaks

Just down the road from us in the village of Whitecroft, there’s a bit of a hidden gem of a waterfall. We visited over Christmas when the falls were partly frozen and I can’t wait to go back to the Sun Peaks waterfall later in the winter when it’s more frozen (and perhaps again in the Spring!).

The Whitecroft Waterfall near Kamloops is a short 5-10 minute walk from a pull-out where you can park and it’s easily accessible even in the winter.

I was surprised at how tall the waterfall was and it looked great in the snow.

Read this post to find out more about the Whitecroft waterfall. 

Jamieson Creek Falls

jamieson creek falls waterfalls in kamloops

Another waterfall to the north of Kamloops is Jamieson Creek Falls. 

Like the Sun Peaks waterfall above, Jamieson Creek Falls is another great place to visit all year round. The hike to reach the falls takes about 30-40 minutes and the trail is almost flat so it’s a great hike to do with kids near Kamloops. 

Directions: Follow Westsyde Road for 20km, then turn left onto Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road and follow this for 13km. 

Peterson Creek Park falls

Very close to Kamloops is Peterson Creek Park which has around 30km of hiking trails. There are trailheads all over the city so the length of your hike to reach the falls depends on where you start. 

The grassland trails in this park take you up to many a great viewpoint of Kamloops and the waterfall is the cherry on top of the cake. 

Stick to the trail around the waterfall as it’s very easy to slip or get stuck if you don’t. 

Chase Creek Falls 

peterson creek falls waterfalls in kamloops

via: polarsteps

Chase Creek Falls is one of the falls we visited just before the snow started falling. Right off the highway, Chase Creek falls involves a couple of minute’s hike through the forest.

For such a short walk it’s surprising how tall the waterfalls are and if you’re driving through or visiting Chase it’s well worth using this as a place to stretch your legs

Wells Gray Provincial Park Waterfalls

Though a bit of a further drive away from Kamloops, Wells  Gray Provincial Park is well worth making the drive.

Wells Gray Provincial Park, just outside of Clearwater, is full of beautiful waterfalls. In fact, there are over 40 waterfalls to explore! They’re also some of the best waterfalls in BC! To get there, simply head north towards Jasper and follow the signs to the park. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of three of the BC waterfalls you simply must visit in Wells Gray Provincial Park. 

Helmcken Falls

wells gray provincial park road trip

The most famous falls in Wells Gray, Helmcken Falls cascades down 141m into the canyon below. So great is the height of Helmcken waterfall that it’s actually the fourth largest waterfall in Canada. The fact you can access it just steps from the road is really an added bonus.

We visited this falls in the summer a few years ago on our road trip from Vancouver to Banff and I’d love to go see it again in the winter as it creates an ice dome! 

Spahats Creek Falls

wells gray provincial park road trip

One of the most dramatic waterfalls to in the park, Spahats Creek Falls drops down from a keyhole in the rock face, 80 metres above the Clearwater River. It’s another of the ones that are easily accessible from the road so if you’re visiting Wells Gray Park then make sure to stop and see it. 

McDiarmid Falls

mcdiarmid falls kamloops waterfalls

Another of the many great waterfalls in Wells Gray Park is McDiarmid Falls. This is one of the quieter falls in the park as it’s further away from the entrance and involves a hike whereas most of the Wells Gray’s falls are accessible with a short walk. 

The McDiarmid Falls hike starts on an old road but as you hike into the forest you’ll descend into a valley (and thus climb on the return). At 6km long, this hike will take most around 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.