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Cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast for a burger

Cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast for a burger

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You guys know I love hiking, but I also enjoy a good bike ride too. Vancouver is pretty bike friendly and besides cycling in Stanley Park, there are also plenty of other easier cycle rides around Vancouver. I’d been wanting to go on a longer bike ride for a while but wasn’t sure where so when PKLS burgers on the Sunshine Coast invited me to try their burgers, shakes and fries I decided to cycle there. If you fancy doing a longer bike ride then check out our route to plan your own trip cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast.

Our route cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is very accessible from downtown Vancouver. We last went there over the Easter weekend only that time we took our van Elvis. By bike the route is even more picturesque, specially the part up to Horseshoe Bay

Cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast does involve a ferry crossing and, if you’re a local, it’s worth getting the BC ferries experience card as you can save money on your ticket. When tracking to the Sunshine Coast you only pay to get there, the return journey is free.

The ferries are usually very busy on weekends, but since we cycled to the Sunshine Coast on a Sunday morning we had no problems getting on the next ferry.

Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay

cycling from vancouver to the sunshine coast

This is the prettiest part of the cycling trip and takes about 1 hour and 10 to 1 and a half hours to complete at an average pace.

It’s just over 23km long with a few hills but nothing too drastic.

You’ll leave Vancouver by heading over Lions Gate Bridge and then going west on Marine Drive. The first part of the cycle on Marine Drive isn’t the nicest, but the road soon gets narrower and quieter.

You’ll cycle through west Vancouver and Dundarave before the road becomes a lot more tree lined and picturesque.

The houses here are insane and you’ll be able to enjoy some fantastic views of the ocean to your left.

There are a few spots you can stop at and make your way down to the beach for a quick dip in the water, or just to take in the views.

You’ll climb your first big hill on the approach to Lighthouse Park. If you’re just cycling to Horseshoe Bay, you might want to at Lighthouse Park and take a walk.

Check out this post for more information on Lighthouse Park

The road gets a bit more windy from here on in with some rolling hills.

You’ll pass a beautiful marina just past Eagle Harbour and then take the final hill before your descent into Horseshoe Bay.

Buy your ticket from the ticket office and follow instructions to the correct berth to board the ferry.

cycling from vancouver to the sunshine coast

Langdale to Sechelt

Leaving the ferry you’re greeted with a big hill (just to get you all warmed up after your break on the boat!) as you make your way westwards to Sechelt.

Go straight from the ferry port until you get to the traffic lights where you’ll make a left turn. Fairly soon the road splits into two and you’ll want to take the fork on the right (main road). This is the longest hill climb!

Unfortunately there aren’t many views from the top so carry on until you join the Sunshine Coast Hwy.

If you want to take a slight detour away from the noise you can turn on Lower Road and swing by Roberts Creek. On Sundays during summer they have Slow Sundays; a small fair with music and crafts from 12-4pm. There are also a few places along this road where you can pull over and head down got the beach. Just look for the signs saying “beach access” along the side of the road.

You’ll also pass through Davis Bay. Here you have the first unobstructed ocean view.

cycling vancouver to sunshine coast

And finally it’s time for the last climb before going down into Sechelt where tasty burgers await!

Cycling stats

Distance: Around 50km one way with additional 20km on the ferry
up 833 m · down 850 m
About 1 hour – 1.5 hours from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay and then around 1.5-2hours Langdale to Sechelt

Read this for more things to do on the Sunshine Coast?

Other things to know:

  • This route doesn’t really have cycle paths, so make sure you’re comfortable cycling on roads.
  • BC ferries costs $13.70 per passenger over 12 plus $2 for a bicycle. If you’re a local getting the BC Ferries experience card will save you $3 on the passenger fare.

Returning back to Vancouver

For the return journey you can either retrace your steps by bike or you can catch the bus. There are regular buses from sechelt to langdale ferry terminal as well as from.horseshoe bay to Vancouver.

We decided to catch the bus back to langdale and then cycled from horseshoe bay to home.

PKLS Burgers

pkls burgers sechelt sunshine coast

When we arrived in Sechelt we’d worked up quite the appetite! We made straight for PKLS burgers.

PKLS Burgers serve up delicious burgers, fries and shakes to take out. You order inside and then can wait outside by the window to pick up your order.

The burgers come with patties and cheese and then you get free reign with fillings and sauces. I can recommend the PKLS and Basted sauces!

pkls burgers sechelt sunshine coastpkls burgers sechelt

There are a few seats immediately outside but if you can wait two minutes before tucking in, then I highly recommend walking to the sea and eating your burgers there! They even have benches with a table to make things easier for you.

The burgers were delicious but the shakes were the showstopper, I’d cycle back just for one of those! 😉

What to pack for your trip cycling from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast

For any longer cycling trip you’re going to want to make sure you have the following: