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Goat Ridge Trail, Chilliwack

Goat Ridge Trail, Chilliwack

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The Goat Ridge trail near Chilliwack Lake and Lindeman Lake is a demanding hike with some very steep sections, but it’s well worth it for the views! You don’t even need to go right to the top of the ridge to enjoy the views. As most hikers do, we went to just above the first Goat Ridge viewpoint and not exactly on the ridge itself.

Looking for an easier hike? Check out the hike to Lindeman Lake.

Here there’s a large rock known as Porcupine Peak that juts out and offers great views of Lindeman Lake below. If you’re camping at Chilliwack Lake or looking for a great day hike from Vancouver, then be sure to check out the Goat Ridge trail!

porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)

Goat Ridge hike near Vancouver

The first hike we did when we moved to Canada was Lindeman Lake and ever since I’ve seen photos from higher up looking down onto the lake.

The name of this trail is Goat Ridge and there first main viewpoint you get to is where most people go to (though I’m sure the views from the actual ridge are great!).

Goat Ridge Viewpoint/Porcupine Peak Trail Stats

  • Distance: 7.5-9km (we started from Chilliwack Lake campground)
  • Difficulty: Hard (very steep sections with scrambling
  • Elevation: 800m (ish)
  • Trailhead: Chilliwack Lake Road

Hiking to the Goat Ridge viewpoint, Lindeman Lake

We started our hike from the Chilliwack Lake Campground area since we were camped there over the weekend. Starting from here means backtracking down the road for about 1km to the trailhead.

The trail begins very close to the Lindeman Lake trailhead but isn’t exactly the same. You’ll want to look for some marking at a gap in the bushes which leads on to a trail resembling a logging road.

Follow this trail for a few minutes and continue on it as it bends round to the left, then to the right, and starts to climb sharply upwards. It’s not long before you’ll get to your first set of ropes to navigate the steep sections of trails. Take your time and don’t feel pressurised to go faster than you’re comfortable with.

The trail is quite easy to follow as it’s pretty well-worn and marked. If in doubt, it pretty much just goes up!

Some other hikers we saw had gloves to help protect their hands on the ropes which would be a great idea, they get a little sore after a while.

porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)
a section of trail

There are roughly 4 rope sections to use as you hike uphill and there’s not much reprieve as you continue on.

After a few kilometers, you’ll reach the viewpoint with the rock you’ve likely seen pictures of it you were previously aware of this hike near Chilliwack.

Just before you get to the rock, you’ll have the option to take a trail to the right for an alternative view (photo below).

We stopped here for some snacks and to take photos before heading uphill a few hundred meters more. We didn’t go right to the ridge this time around, but there’s always next time!

porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)
porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)

What to pack for the Goat Ridge trail

Check out my day hike packing list here and I’d recommend adding some gloves too to help protect your hands on the ropes!

What to know before doing the Goat Ridge hike

Here’s what you should know before doing the Goat Ridge hike / Porcupine Peak near Chilliwack Lake.

  • There are no permits required for this hike.
  • This hike and Lindeman Lake are both very popular and so get very busy. Start early.
  • Chilliwack Lake Road is known for break-ins of parked cars at trailheads. Leave nothing in your car that’s valuable.
  • There are a lot of rope sections and other steep parts of the trail. Not a beginner hike.
  • This isn’t a really a dog-friendly trail