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Mount Crumpit, Squamish Hike

Mount Crumpit, Squamish Hike

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The Mount Crumpit hiking area in Squamish is a relatively quiet hike that offers great views of downtown Squamish and The Chief without as much effort as the nearby Slhanay trail or the Sea to Summit trail. If you’re looking for a new great hike near Vancouver, be sure to check out the Mt Crumpit trail!

Mount Crumpit, Squamish

Mount Crumpit, also spelled Mount Crumpet, is a hiking and mountain biking area that starts in a residential area. There are several different routes you can take to reach the top, and some of the best views of the Chief are found only partway up. You’ll hike through the lush west coast forest, making it a great rainy day option too if you want to hike but aren’t bothered about the views.

Mt Crumpit Trail Stats

  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Distance: 5-7km depending on the route you choose
  • Elevation: 260m
  • Trailhead: Start at the end of Westway Avenue in Squamish, before it turns onto Cherry Drive

Hiking Mt Crumpit

Before setting out, make sure you have the Mount Crumpet trail map downloaded as there are lots of different routes and it’s not always obvious which one to take. You’ll likely end up having to check your GPS map quite a few times during this hike!

Also, note that this is a popular mountain biking area, so keep your ears open as you don’t want to get in the way if there’s one coming downhill!

I completed this hike in a clockwise loop, but it can. bedone either way. If you just want to get to the views first, then do it anti-clockwise. Doing it anti-clockwise means you’ve got a very steep climb towards the summit at the end, and clockwise means you’ll be descending that part (which, honestly, isn’t that much easier!).

Starting from where you’ve parked on Westway Avenue, look for the trailhead (marked by a large map) as it heads into the forest. There’s a bridge here as you bend to the right and come out into an opening.

Mount Crumpit Woods

Here, turn right and follow the wide trail slightly uphill. As you cross over the boardwalks, keep your eyes open for a trail into the forest to your right which is the beginning of the S&M Connector Trail (a mountain biking route in Crumpit Woods).

mount crumpit squamish (2 of 4)
great views from the start!
mount crumpit squamish (2 of 4)

Following the S&M Connector Trail, you’ll see a trail on your right after about 50m. This is where the route is that you’ll either take now or return on depending on which way you’re hiking the loop.

If you’re saving the best views until last, then continue straight here and stay on the S&M Connector Trail as it gradually ascends.

After roughly 1km, you’ll come to a junction where there’s a sign for the Father side Trail on your right. Take this trail.

There are several junctions on this part of the Mt Crumpit hike, make sure you stay on Father side. Take a right at the first junction, then a sharp left at the second. You’ll go uphill before making a slight dip and coming to a 4-way crossing. Here, go straight and keep an eye open for a trail on your right called Woodpecker Trail.

Take the Woodpecker Trail and go uphill steeply as you climb Mount Crumpit.

Following 10-15 minutes of uphill hiking, you’ll come to another junction where you should go left and over some rocks to a small viewpoint looking north. Then, rejoin the main trail and follow the signpost to the right for a shorter route to the summit.

After a further 5-10 minutes, there’s another junction. Go left here, slightly downhill, out to a rocky bluff with a great view of the Chief!

Back on the main trail after enjoying the view, you’ll come to a point where it seems like a dead end. Here, you’ll need to scramble up the rock to your right where you’ll come out to another great Squamish view.

Mount Crumpit Summit

From here, follow the trail and make a left at the next junction, going downhill slightly before climbing again walking around the mountain to a viewpoint near the peak of Mount Crumpit. The true summit has no views, so up to you if you head there. Enjoy the views at the top – I had it all to myself when I hiked this!

Once you’re ready to head back down, follow the trail round to the left until you begin to descend steeply on a bike trail called Stairway to Heaven. Take your time, it’s super steep!

At the bottom, go right at the junction and continue to the next junction where you’ll go left and follow the Deep Ends Trail.

You’ll climb uphill again and then at the ‘dead end’, follow the path upwards, over a rock, and then descends again.

One of the best views on the Mount Crumpit hike is around here! Shortly after the hill, there’s a trail to the left that brings you out to a rocky outcrop. You’ll get a great view of the Chief and Howe Sound from here.

Heading back to the main trail, go downhill and make a right turn at both of the two upcoming junctions. Soon you’ll return to the S&M Connector Trail coming out of the trail you passed earlier on in the hike. Make a left here and you’ll rejoin the open area and the boardwalks back to the car.

mount crumpit squamish (2 of 4)
Summit “views” from Mt Crumpit
mount crumpit squamish (2 of 4)

What to pack for the Mt Crumpit Hike

Remember to follow Leave No Trace principles and pack your 10 essentials. Here’s what my day hike packing list looks like.

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