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There are few cities in the US that are truly memorable thanks to the way they look. Most cities are a sprawling mess of shopping malls and a few high rise buildings. A lot of them lack a city centre in the way that towns and cities in England have and everything is so far apart you can see why Americans rely on cars so much.

savannah, georgia

I don’t mean to sound like I hate American cities. I don’t. It’s just that the phrase “seem one, seem them all” could apply to the vast majority of cities in the US.

Some cities, however, do stand out for their architecture and just the general vibe. One of those cities is Savannah in Georgia.

The city of Savannah is, as Bill Bryson (my favourite author of the moment) puts it: “A seductive city…This was, New York apart, the first American city I had ever been in where people actually lived downtown. What a difference it makes.”

There are horse and carriages trotting down the road, greenery on every street and gorgeous houses and architecture where ever you look.

savannah, georgia

Anyone travelling down the east coast of the USA should make time for a stop in Savannah. And, when you do, here are a few places you should visit. (Yes, most of them include food…)


A weird suggestion perhaps for a visit to a town, but it’s well worth browsing the shelves of Nourish in Savannah. Nourish sells handmade soap and beauty products using natural ingredients. They smell absolutely delicious. These would make a fantastic souvenir or gift for friends and family back home.

Savannah Bee Company

The Savannah Bee Company stocks pretty much every honey based product imaginable. From soap to mead and whipped honey (I’d never heard of this before, nor whipped butter for that matter, but it’s glorious) and of course honey-honey.

You can try all their honey flavours including whipped honey fro free (but be warned it’s hard to walk away from them). You can also do a mead tasting for a few dollars. Mead is pretty syrupy (thanks to the honey) and some of them, as we found out, are very easy to drink. Definitely give them a try!

savannah, georgia

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

You can’t miss out on Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. They have the biggest pick’n’mix I think I’ve ever seen and the most buttery-caramely pralines ever (they usually have free samples of this). Go there if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Walk along West Jones Lane

Pretty much everywhere in Savannah is picturesque but it’s often said that West Jones Lane is the prettiest. The houses are truly beautiful and you’ll enjoy the shade from the trees arched above you.

Chill out in one of Savannah’s squares

savannah, georgia

The layout of Savannah is pretty kind to visitors. Most of the shops are within a few blocks of each other. Then there are 20 squares, or small gardens, forming a grid for you to explore.

Anyone of these parks makes a lovely spot for a rest and a spot of people watching. Hang out in a park near Savannah Art College for the best people watching.

Get ice cream at Leopald’s

We didn’t actually get an ice cream for here on account of the queue of people outside – I don’t like queuing for food! However, I would assume the queue means it’s pretty good.

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Mrs Wilke’s Dining Room

Another very popular Savannah eatery is Miss Wilke’s Dining Room. This all you can eat restaurant serves up southern dishes such as; okra, beans and rice, yams and plenty of meat. It’s fair to say you won’t go hungry here.

savannah, georgia

Peruse the City Market

The City Market is the place to go for a quick drink on a hot afternoon. There are a handful of bars where you can while away the time whilst feeling like you’re in the middle of it all. You can also shop for souvenirs, post cards and little gifts for back home.

Make sure you pop into Bryd’s Cookies and taste their biscuits. They come in some very unusual, but very delicious, flavours including Georgia peach, key lime and pink lemonade. They actually taste like their namesakes and are so good!

Have you been to Savannah, Georgia? Anything else you’d add to the list?