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Whyte Lake Trail Vancouver

Whyte Lake Trail Vancouver

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Whyte Lake is an easy Vancouver hike that takes you through the forest to a relatively secluded lake. Since the forest shelters you for the majority of the way, it’s a great option for rainy day hiking in Vancouver, as well as a nice spot when the sun comes out!

This is a perfect hike for people who don’t hike often or for families looking for hikes with kids near Vancouver.

Whyte Lake West Vancouver

whyte lake hiking trails near vancouver

Whyte Lake can be accessed from several trailheads but the easiest Whyte Lake trailhead is probably from the gravel parking area just off Westport Road. Though the hike itself isn’t usually too busy, this parking lot can fill up, so plan to arrive early, or later on in the afternoon. From here, you follow the gravel path and it takes you underneath highway 1 (the Sea to Sky).

The trail begins to climb at this point, but the climb is short. The path bends to the left and you should spot a water tower. Keep an eye out to your right as there’s a sign pointing you further into the woods that’ll you’ll want to follow!

At this point, you’ll join the Trans Canada Trail, a trail that crosses the whole of Canada! There are sections of it in downtown Vancouver too though this section is arguably more picturesque.

Enjoy walking through the second-growth forest and admire the height of the trees. In about 20 minutes you’ll reach another sign pointing you to the left. Take this path as it goes down a short hill.

Continuing on, you’ll come to a wooden bridge which you should cross over., then a second. Here you’ll see a sign directing you to the right and to Whyte Lake itself. In a few short minutes, you’ll reach the lake and a wooden boardwalk area.

To return, just follow the path you took back to the parking lot and your car.

How to get to Whyte Lake

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The Whyte Lake trailhead is near Highway #1 in West Vancouver, just east of Horseshoe Bay. From Vancouver, take the Lions Gate bridge to the North Shore and exit to West Vancouver and join Highway 1 towards West Vancouver.Take exit #4 Woodgreen Drive to Caufield, turn left onto Woodgreen Drive and go straight at the all-way stop to Westport Road. Drive under the highway, turn right into a gravel parking area. The trail begins from the metal gate.

Whyte Lake Hike Stats

  • Elevation: 160 m
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration:  1-3 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

Other trails near Whyte Lake

There are several other hikes that can be accessed from the Whyte Lake trail head. To get to West Knob and then Eagle Bluffs up on Cypress Resort, you simply continue along the Whyte Lake Trail past the lake and across the wooden boardwalks to a junction.

Go left and slightly downhill to join up with the Baden Powell Trail. Go right at the Baden Powell trail and follow it uphill. The route to West Knob and Eagle Bluffs is pretty steep and long so should be reserved for experienced hikers. If you do want to do Eagle Bluffs, it’s much easier to go from the Cypress Mountain parking lot.

Important things to know about Belcarra Bluffs

  • Dogs are allowed on leash.
  • Always practice leave no trace ethics.
  • While Whyte Lake swimming is possible, it didn’t look the best when I visited.
  • Take bear spray, you’re hiking in bear country! And remember your bear safety tips
  • Be adventure smart: Remember to respect the terrain, environment, and other users while you are enjoying the trails. Follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials AdventureSmart is a great resource to help you get informed before heading outdoors.

What to pack for hikes near Vancouver

Wondering what to pack for hiking near Vancouver? Here’s my packing list for day hikes.