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23 of the best Revelstoke hiking trails

There are so many awesome Revelstoke hiking trails both minutes from the town and a little further away. going on a hike is definitely one of the best things to do in Revelstoke in summer.

Yet given Revelstoke’s reputation for being full of gnarly go-getter bikers and skiers, the thought of taking on a hike in Revelstoke might be a bit intimidating at first if you don’t know what to expect.

You should always do your research on a trail before turning up at the trailhead. This guide to the best Revelstoke hiking trails will not only share the best hiking trails in Revelstoke with you but give you the details on the length, difficulty and elevation so that you’re prepared when heading out on a hike in this BC mountain town.

From beautiful hikes in Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park, two of the best national parks in BC, to short walks around lakes and rivers such as the Broken Bridge trail and walks to waterfalls near Revelstoke, check out these BC hiking guides for some inspiration for your Revelstoke trip!

What to know before doing these Revelstoke hiking trails

Before going hiking in Revelstoke and anywhere else in Canada, there are some things you should know. This information helps keep you safe, the wildlife safe, and keeps the trails looking their best for future hikers.

  • Mount Revelstoke National Park charges a fee to enter. Fees are per person. You can also purchase a Parks Canada Discovery Pass.
  • Always practice leave no trace ethics: Take out everything you take in, don’t walk off the trails and leave things better than you found them.
  • Pack bear spray! BC is in bear country and Revelstoke is no exception. Get the low down on hiking with bears.
  • Be AdventureSmart! Pack the 10 essentials for a hike and always leave a trip plan to let somewhere know where you’re going and when you’re expected back.
  • Check trail conditions and plan accordingly. Mountain weather changes fast so make sure you have layers and waterproofs.
  • You can get Revelstoke trail maps at the visitors’ centre in national parks or the mountain resort. You can also get AllTrails to have a hiking map in your pocket!

AllTrails is my go-to hiking app for finding, planning, and navigating while I’m out on the trails. With offline maps on AllTrails+ you can be confident you’re still on the right track, even without mobile signal.

Best easy Revelstoke hikes

Broken Bridge

broken bridge trail revelstoke hiking 2
broken bridge trail revelstoke hiking

The Revelstoke hiking trail, known as Broken Bridge, offers an uphill yet gentle hike in Revelstoke National Park, making it a great introductory trail for those visiting Revelstoke.

It starts on a small dirt path on a switchback on the Meadows in the Sky road and takes you through a lush forest before opening up to spectacular views of the mountains and the Columbia River; some of the best views of Revelstoke’s beautiful surroundings.

Continuing up to the trail’s namesake, the Broken Bridge, you’ll follow a dirt trail before coming out to a waterfall and the bridge (which is of course broken).

Though broken it’s interesting to look at how nature is slowly taking back the area. The bridge is now covered in moss and other plants.

Greenbelt Trail

greenbelt pathway revelstoke hiking

The Greenbelt Trail in Revelstoke is one of the best hiking trails in Revelstoke’s downtown core. The trail is easy to get to and takes you on a flat trail alongside the beautiful Columbia and Illecillewaet Rivers.

You can start and stop the trail wherever you like, and the trail details I’ve put above give you a nice loop on the trail for some of the best scenery.

You’ll get views of the mountains surrounding the town too and it’s arguably best in either the fall when the trees go a lovely shade of orange or in the evenings for the sunset.

Sutherland Falls

sutherland falls best revelstoke hikes

Sutherland Falls in Blanket Creek Provincial Park is one of the best Revelstoke waterfalls. It’s easy to get to, involves an easy hike and gives you a great view of the waterfall once you’ve reached the end.

Sutherland Falls are 12 metres high and there’s a great viewing area from which you can safely look at them.

You could also stay nearby at Blanket Creek Campground.

If you’re in Revelstoke in autumn, then you might even see some salmon spawning in the river!

Revelstoke Lookout trail

revelstoke lookout trail

Revelstoke Lookout in Mt. Revelstoke National Park’s Meadows in the Sky Parkway area is a fantastic spot for panoramic views of the town of Revelstoke.

While some trees have grown, slightly obscuring the view, it still offers a great view of the town.

As you go further along the parkway, the views shift from the town to the surrounding mountains and this spot is great at sunset wince you’re looking west!

Moses Falls

moses creek falls revelstoke hikes

Moses Creek Falls is a broad, multi-tiered waterfall near Revelstoke rather than just being single up-and-down fall.

The walk to the falls is short but it’s still quite steep and takes you on trickier terrain where you’ll need to navigate roots, rocks and often mud.

You can view the falls from the bottom, or continue along the Columbia River to extend your walk.

Split Rock Falls

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.6 km
  • Elevation: Minimal
  • Duration: 30 minutes

A trip to Split Rock Falls entails an exciting ride on the Revelation Gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, followed by a short, 30-minute stroll through the forest.

This easy trail is just 600 m long and has minimal elevation gain, making it suitable for most hikers.

The waterfall itself is pretty impressive too!

Begbie Falls

revelstoke begbie falls (1 of 1)

Deep in the forest which is full of mountain biking trails and a campsite, Begbie Falls is easy to get to without too much strenuous hiking.

We camped here one evening while visiting Revelstoke and you get great views of the Revelstoke ski area as well as the other peaks surrounding Mount Revelstoke summit.

The waterfall itself is split into a gulley and though it’s not the tallest waterfall in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out still. It’s the perfect rainy day hike in Revelstoke since you get some shelter from the trees above and around you.

You can make this trail a bit longer if you start from the Begbie Recreation Area, or wander the trails in the forest, but there’s still minimal elevation overall.

Halfway River Hot Springs

halfway hot springs near revelstoke

If you’re looking for one of the best hot springs in BC, you’ve just found one.

The Halfway River Hot Springs trail gives you both a short, easy hike near Revelstoke as well as some gorgeous hot springs you can take a soak in before heading back.

There are three human-made pools as well as warm pools alongside the river/

You’ll walk through the forest to reach these natural hot springs which are one of the best attractions in Revelstoke. The walk is mostly easy but there is a short, steep descent to get to the springs.

Getting to the trailhead is the hardest part and requires a 4×4 or good all-wheel drive with high clearance since you’ll need to drive 11 km along a forestry road. Along the way, you’ll also get to ride on the free Arrow Lakes ferry.

The springs are also only really accessible in summer when the road is clear of snow. Though, if you have access to a snowmobile you could get here too.

Balsam Lake

balsam lake revelstoke hiking
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.5 km
  • Duration: 10 mins

The trail around Balsam Lake is a great option for those seeking a leisurely hike after a drive through the Meadows in the Sky Parkway at Mount Revelstoke National Park.

This flat trail, starting right by the parking area, loops around the small, yet pretty, Balsam Lake.

During August, the surrounding meadows become full of wildflowers so that’s definitely the best time to do this Revelstoke hike.

Nels Knickers

nels nelson trail hikes in revelstoke

The Nels Knickers trail is one of the most popular trails in Mount Revelstoke National Park that gives you a blend of both beautiful views and history.

At the top of your hike, you’ll find a tribute to Revelstoke’s historic ski jump, the Nels Knickers sculpture. The history behind this comes from the 1960s when Revelstoke was known as the ski jumping capital of Canada, thanks to Nels Nelson, a Norwegian-born ski jumper who set several world records here! These days people ski Revelstoke for the powder!

This trail, while not technical, does have some steep climbs.

Luckily you can take breaks along the way to read the signs that Parks Canada has put along the trail full of information plaques, old newspaper clippings, and replica signage.

Fire Lookout

fire lookout revelstoke
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.5 km
  • Elevation: Minimal
  • Duration: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Trail map

A short hiking trail in Mt Revelstoke National Park takes you to the old fire lookout.

After driving the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, you’ll come out to the summit area and then be able to take on this short walk to the historic fire lookout near Revelstoke.

The Fire Lookout was built in 1927 and operated until 1988. These days it’s no longer in use but is designated as a Federal Heritage Building.

you’ll get amazing views from here and they’re even better if you climb the ladder to the small observation deck on the tower.

Upper Summit Trail Revelstoke

fire lookout revelstoke

Starting from the parking lot at the end of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway at Mount Revelstoke National Park, the Upper Summit trail takes you further up the mountain for even better views.

This path climbs gradually yet consistently through the forest and in August you can often see wildflowers. Keep your eyes peeled to spot Columbia ground squirrels as they squeak and run over the hills too!

The trail is paved and there are signs with information about the area’s biodiversity and ecosystem.

Loop Brook Trail

loop brook trail revelstoke

The Loop Brook Trail is a great short and easy hike in Glacier National Park where you’ll get some history and views combined.

The trail was formerly a railway track and though the bridges and tracks no longer exist, you can still see the huge stone pillars that supported them.

Along the trail, interpretive signs provide insights into the railway’s history, adding a unique educational element to this hike, and making it one of the best easy hikes in Revelstoke.

Giant Cedars Boardwalk

giant cedar boardwalk trail
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.5 km
  • Elevation: Minimal
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Trail map on AllTrails+
  • Note: Closed in 2023 due to avalanche damage

Giant Cedars Boardwalk trail stands out as one of the best Revelstoke hiking trails as it offers an easy walk through a beautiful inland temperate rainforest.

The massive cedar and hemlock trees are so nice to walk through and there’s a well-maintained boardwalk that loops through the forest as well as signs that tell you more about the trees and creatures that live here.

If you’re doing the drive towards Banff, or back from Banff National Park, then this trail is a great place to stretch your legs and snap some memorable photos.

Best moderate and hard Revelstoke hiking trails

Stoke Climb Revelstoke / Mount Mackenzie

stoke climb trail revelstoke hikes

Over on Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the Stoke Climb which gives you a trial up towards the summit of Mount Mackenzie.

The trail is shared with mountain bikers and it’s a popular Revelstoke hiking trail so it can get busy. Just remember to stick to one side of the trail, and let others pass you.

You can skip a lot of the elevation by taking the Revelstoke Mountain gondola up 1,700 m. Then just follow the Stoke Climb trail signs. When taking the gondola, you’ll need a hiking access pass.

As you make your way uphill on foot, there are various viewpoints and, in late July/August, wildflower meadows.

At the summit, you can watch the mountain bikers start to make their descent or paragliders set off into flight!

There’s also a loop trail which takes you to the sub-peak of Mount Mackenzie if you’re looking for something longer.

Keystone Standard Basin

keystone standard basin trail revelstoke hiking
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Distance: 37.3 km
  • Elevation: 1 522 m
  • Duration: 11-12 hours
  • Trail map on AllTrails+
  • Note: you could make this trail shorter too

The Keystone Standard Basin trail is a popular hiking trail and route for mountain biking in Revelstoke.

This is one of that awesome Revelstoke trails where you’ll get amazing views along the trail of the mountains all around you.

About 11 km into the hike is Keystone Cabin which is a good point to turn around if you want to make the hike a bit shorter.

Though I think this is definitely best done as a mountain biking trail, if you love long, scenic trails this one is for you!

Eva Lake + Miller Lake trail

eva lake miller lake revelstoke hiking
eva lake miller lake revelstoke hiking

The Eva Lake hike combined with the Miller Lake hike is one of the best hikes in Revelstoke. If you can get a permit, then this is one of the best multi day hikes near Revelstoke too.

Starting from the Upper Summit area in Mt Revelstoke National Park, you’ll escape the crowds as you head into the backcountry on this stunning Revelstoke hike.

During the hike, you’ll wander through wildflower fields, cross rocky areas and then come out to the beautiful Eva Lake Revelstoke. Many people decide to camp by Eva Lake and then continue their hike to Miller Lake or Jade Lake BC further on.

If you do decide to backcountry camp here you’ll need to get a permit in advance as numbers are limited to keep this area as beautiful as it is.

These lakes are great beaches in Revelstoke too.!

Hermit Trail Glacier National Park

hermit trail glacier national park revelstoke canada

The Hermit Meadows Trail in Glacier National Park is a must-visit for hikers who love a challenge.

While this hike near Revelstoke takes you on a steep and relentless path, it is relatively short, and the reward at the top makes it more than worth it. It’s easily one of the best hikes in Glacier National Park Canada.

The alpine meadows up here are incredible and there’s also a backcountry campground at Hermit Meadows which would be the perfect spot to camp once you’ve carried up all your hiking gear!

Balu Pass

balu pass revelstoke hikes
balu pass revelstoke hikes

The Balu Pass trail is a great hard hike near Revelstoke in Glacier National Park in Canada.

This steep trail takes you up the Connaught Creek valley, crossing numerous avalanche slopes before culminating at Balu Pass where you’ll get amazing views of Mount MacDonald and other glaciated peaks.

The name ‘Balu’ comes from the Hindi word ‘bhalu’ meaning bear, and the adjacent Grizzly Mountain, Ursus Major, and Ursus Minor, serve as a reminder that you’re hiking in prime bear habitat.

So remember to make lots of noise, travel in groups, and always carry bear spray. A sign at the start of the trail recommends hiking in groups of at least 4 as a bear precaution. If you’re on your own, or in a group of two, it might be worth waiting at the trailhead for a bit to find more people to hike with.

Asulkan Valley Trail

asulkan valley trail revelstoke hiking

The Asulkan Valley Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Revelstoke for those looking to get views of mountains, waterfalls in Revelstoke, and glaciers.

This trail starts off easier at the Illecillewaet campground in Glacier National Park and then gets steeper and steeper.

You’ll go past the remnants of the old Glacier House mountain resort, through lush rainforest, and up into the alpine.

At the end, you’ll get views of the Illecillewaet Glacier and the spectacular views of the valleys below make this trail a memorable hiking trail in Revelstoke.

Abbott Ridge

abbott ridge trail revelstoke

The Abbott Ridge trail in Glacier National Park, less than an hour from Revelstoke, is a must-visit.

Considered one of the best hikes in Canada, this trail is a steep yet rewarding hike near Revelstoke that winds through a forest and past a charming lake, revealing breathtaking mountain views once you cross the tree line.

While the hike can be tough, the reward of snow-capped panoramas and an epic ridge walk at the summit makes it well worth the effort.

It is the kind of trail that leaves you with unforgettable memories and a strong urge to return.

Mt Begbie hike (toe of the glacier)

mount begbie revelstoke hikes

Mount Begbie holds a special place in the hearts of those in Revelstoke, standing as the town’s iconic peak with its recognizable double crown visible from nearly anywhere in town.

The hike to the toe of the glacier on Mount Begbie is no easy feat but it’s an incredible experience.

Starting a few kilometres past the Mount Macpherson Nordic Lodge, the trail takes you steeply through the forest before revealing stunning views over the town and Columbia Valley from a lookout point around 5km into the climb.

Once in the alpine, you can look at the small lake below the glacier and enjoy an overnight stay at a camping area near the glacier’s toe.

Note that reaching Mt Begbie’s summit requires advanced glacier travel and rope skills, and the danger of avalanches can persist even after the trail is clear of snow.

Mount McCrae and McCrae Lake

mount mccrae
maccrae lake revelstoke hike

If you’re searching for an invigorating, scenic, and somewhat secluded hike in the Revelstoke area, setting your sights on Mount Macrae is an excellent choice. Sure, it’s a bit of a drive to get there, but trust me, the spectacular views and captivating wilderness make it entirely worthwhile.

Make sure to stop off at the beautiful MacCrae Lake on the way (either up or down, it would make a great place to cool off!).

At the summit of Mount Macrae, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of rugged peaks, forests, and the lake.

What to pack for hiking in Revelstoke

What to pack for this hike depends on what season you’re hiking in.

FAQs about these Revelstoke hiking trails

How long is the Revelstoke trail?

Revelstoke has many trails of varying lengths. For example, the Asulkan Valley Trail is 13.8km (round trip), while the Giant Cedars Boardwalk is a 0.5km loop. The exact length depends on which trail you’re referring to.

Is Mount Revelstoke National Park worth visiting?

Absolutely, Mount Revelstoke National Park is worth visiting. It offers breathtaking views, diverse flora and fauna, and hiking trails for all levels. Its unique attractions include the meadows blooming with wildflowers and the historic fire lookout.

Is Revelstoke walkable?

Yes, Revelstoke is a walkable town. The town center is compact and easily explored on foot, with many shops, restaurants, and historic sites within walking distance.

What airport do you fly into for Revelstoke?

International visitors will fly into either Vancouver International Airport or Calgary Airport. Calgary is about 5 hours from Revelstoke, and Vancouver is around 6 hours. You could also take a flight to Kelowna airport or Kamloops airport and drive about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Final thoughts on the best hikes near Revelstoke

Revelstoke is a paradise for outdoor lovers and particularly for those who enjoy hiking.

From the Greenbelt hiking trail at the town centre to tough hikes up into the alpine, there are so many Revelstoke hiking trails to explore and hiking is one of the best things to do in Revelstoke in summer.

The diverse ecosystem, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking views make Revelstoke’s trails some of the most rewarding in British Columbia.

Don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to capture the extraordinary scenery that awaits you while hiking Revelstoke!

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