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Mt Fromme Hike

Mt Fromme Hike

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Given the number of peaks and hikes on the North Shore with stunning views and easier access, it’s perhaps not surprising that Mt Fromme is often overlooked. It’s smaller than the likes of Mt Strachan and Mt Seymour but it’s a great hike nonetheless. Plus, there’s no day pass required for Mount Fromme (you’ll just have to keep watch for mountain bikers)!

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misty woods on the way to Mt Fromme

About the Mount Fromme Trail

Mt Fromme isn’t within any provincial or regional parks, which means it’s exempt from the day pass you might find at other nearby mountains. You can also start the trail from several different points, we started from the end of St. Georges Avenue, but you could also start from the Mt Fromme parking lot where you begin the Kennedy Falls trail.

Though quieter than many of the nearby peaks, Fromme is gaining in popularity so don’t expect to get the trail completely to yourselves!

Trail stats:

  • Distance: Around 10 km
  • Difficulty: Intermediate – Difficult (long, mostly uphill, but no true scrambling)
  • Elevation: Around 840 m
  • Trailhead: Various options, we started from end of St Georges Avenue.

For the most part, you’ll be climbing uphill, there are very few flat sections on this hike near Vancouver. There also isn’t much in the way of views until you come to the summit. Since we hiked this on a misty day that didn’t matter for us. In fact, the misty forests were the view!

Important things to know about the Mt Fromme Hike

The Mt Fromme hike from St Georges Avenue

mt fromme hike (2 of 6)

Starting from the top end of St Georges Avenue in North Vancouver, look for the trail heading into the forest.

Follow the trail until you cross over a wooden bridge and come out at a clearing under some powerlines. Make a right turn here and walk until you get to a trail on your left. Follow this left turn on the gravel trail uphill.

You’ll head over a small wooden bridge and then the trail becomes narrow once you’re in the forest. It’s a bit of a steep climb from here on in!

Cross over the Baden Powell Trail and continue hiking uphill. Here there are some tree roots and loose rocks – standard North Shore hiking stuff – and then eventually you’ll come out to the Old Grouse Mountain Highway.

Make a left, head up the gravel road of the Old Grouse Mountain trail and go around the first corner. On the corner, there’s a junction with several trails. Look for the wooden signpost, turn right and follow the trail that heads into the forest and uphill.

mt fromme hike (2 of 6)

You’ll end up coming out to the Old Grouse Mountain Highway again, just cross straight over it and into the forest again.

As you cross over, there’s a bit of a ditch. Luckily, there’s a rope that you can use to help pull yourselves up the other side.

The next part of the trail is a bit more mellow than the first part. There are still some ups and downs but nothing too steep. We saw some awesome bright orange mushrooms on the trees around here!

mt fromme hike (2 of 6)

Continue following the markers on the trees to stay on track.

It’s not long until you start hiking steeply uphill again for the final push to the top of Mt Fromme.

Navigate the tree roots and then pass briefly through an open section before reaching a junction. Go right at the junction and in a few minutes you’ll be at the top.

From the summit, you can see views of Crown Mountain and Goat behind Grouse, Mount Seymour, and even to Garibaldi Provincial Park if it’s really clear! It’s not quite the 360-degree views you get from Mt Seymour or Mt Strachan, but they’re impressive nonetheless.

After enjoying the views, follow the trail you took on the way up here to return to the car.

What to pack for hiking Mt Fromme