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Tunnel Bluffs hike from Lions Bay

Tunnel Bluffs hike from Lions Bay

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The Tunnel Bluffs trail is a popular hike near Vancouver. Previously you used to be able to access it from the highway at Tunnel Point pullout but this is now no longer the case. If you park here you’re very likely to be towed as you can only park there for 30 minutes now. The best way to complete the Tunnel Bluffs hike is to hike Tunnel Bluffs from Lions Bay. This hiking guide will give you all the details you need to know about hiking Tunnel Bluffs; a beautiful Vancouver hike!

Tunnel Bluffs hike from Lions Bay

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Tunnel Bluffs is a steep hike near Vancouver, BC with beautiful views of Howe Sound. 

How to get to Tunnel Bluffs, Lions Bay

The best way to hike to Tunnel Bluffs now is from Lions Bay. This is because new parking restrictions at the old trailhead for Tunnel Bluffs now only allow for 30 minute’s parking and the hike cannot be completed that quickly. 

The issue with starting the trail from Lions Bay is that parking here can also be a pain. Lions Bay are very, very hot on giving out parking tickets and they’re expensive too (in excess of $150). You can see all the places to park in Lions Bay here. If you’re parking at the parking lot at Sunset Trailhead, you’ll need to pay $24 for the day, or $3 an hour. 

Getting to Lions Bay from Vancouver is easy, simply follow the Sea to Sky highway north towards Squamish and Whistler and come off at Lions Bay Avenue Exit. Drive uphill to the stop sign, then turn left onto Cross Creek Road. Cross over Harvey Creek to the 2nd stop sign. Turn right, then left onto Bayview Road and continue uphill to Sunset Drive. Take a left and drive to the parking lot. 

Alternatively, you can get public transport from Vancouver to Lions Bay.

Know before you go

The Tunnel Bluffs trail hike

From the parking lot at the Sunset Trailhead in Lions Bay, pass the gate and begin the hike on the service road. This is the same road you’ll take if you’re hiking Mount Brunswick, the Lions or Mount Harvey. The first part is quite steep, but not too bad! You’ll pass a water reservoir on your right and then come to a junction, stay right here to keep on the trail. 

There are about 6 switchbacks before you come to a junction with a sign to Mount Brunswick straight ahead, or to Mount Harvey and the Lions on the left. Take the pathway towards Mount Brunswick. At this point, you’ve already done most of the elevation! 

There’s a small wooden log bridge running across Magnesia Creek you’ll need to cross and then continue on the trail until you reach another junction with two blue signs. One sign points left for Tunnel Bluffs, the other points right towards Mount Brunswick. Take the path on the left and enjoy a long flat stretch with a few creek crossing.

After a second crossing with a bridge, you’ll come to another junction where the old Tunnel Bluffs trail and this one meet up. Continue straight and go left at the Hat Mountain junction to stay on the flat trail towards Tunnel Bluffs. 

There are a few rocky sections to climb up before the final descent to the viewpoint of Howe Sound. Unfortunately, the only time I’ve done this trail the views were of clouds and nothing else! But, on a clear day, you can see Bowen and Keats Islands and the Sunshine Coast. 

After you’ve taken in the views, head back down the way you came. 

Tunnel Bluffs hike statistics

Know the essential hike details for hiking Tunnel Bluffs:

Tunnel Bluffs hike difficulty: Moderate (some steep sections on uneven terrain)
Distance: 11.5km
4 hours

What to pack for the Tunnel Bluffs hike

Make sure you look at these packing lists for hiking Tunnel Bluffs

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