I’m off to China and Hong Kong this afternoon and I’m SO excited! This is the longest trip away I’ve had since South America 2 years ago; even though it’s just two weeks. We’ve also had these flights booked for about a year. We found a great deal last December where return flights to Hong Kong were just £316 so snapped them up pretty quickly.

Planning a trip to China hasn’t been easy. With just two weeks we didn’t want to fall into the trap of trying to do everything and so for that reason you’ll notice we’re not doing many of the ‘must sees’. There’s no plan to go to Beijing or Shanghai. No trip to the Tiger Leaping Gorge or the Terracotta Army or even the Great Wall of China.

Instead, we’re sticking to the western & central China and exploring the more traditional towns and villages. There are mountains and valleys to be explored but we’ve got a couple of city days when we’re in Hong Kong and Macao. Plus some technology shopping in Shenzhen, apparently it’s the place to do it!

I’ll be updating this map when we’re back, much like I did for Australia, but for now here are the places we’re visiting. If you’ve been to any let me know your top tips!

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